Ferienwohnung in Kreuzberg
Therms & Conditions

Rental subject
1. Four commercial rented business units, Fewo-Kreuzberg offers as holiday apartments, via the website "www.fewo-kreuzberg.de, www.ferienwohnungen-mitten-in-berlin.de, www.hase-berlin.de".
2. The equipment elements shown and illustrated in the media are standard values. In individual cases the equipment may be altered.

1. The landlord is liable for the careful making of the reservation and the provision of the apartment. In cases of force majeure or adverse circumstances, the landlord has the right to offer the tenant and the registered persons an equivalent accommodation. If no equivalent substitute object can be offered, or if the tenant does not agree with the replacement object, there is the possibility for both parties to terminate the contract. In this case, the lessor's liability is limited to the reimbursement of the amounts paid. "Fewo-Kreuzberg" is obliged to provide the reserved accommodation for the booked period. The lessee is obliged to pay the agreed price for the duration of the contract. This obligation is independent of whether the tenant has actually used the accommodation or not.
2. There are no insurances in our services.


1. The lease agreement between the tenant and "Fewo-Kreuzberg" is binding with the pledge of the tenant and landlord as binding. This may be done verbally or in writing, if not possible in time.
2. If an advance payment or advance payment is requested from "Fewo-Kreuzberg" and this is not paid within 14 days (or set deadline), the reservation is no longer valid.

Arrival and Departure

1. The accommodation is available from (14.00-16.00 hrs) until 20.00 hrs of the arrival day and the apartment has to be paid by 11.00 hrs on the day of departure. If the hirer arrives after 20.00 hrs on the day of arrival, a supplement of 20.- Euro will be charged. Deviating times require prior agreement with the landlord.
2. The arrival time requires personal consultation with the guest and tenant. Without information about the arrival time of the guest, we can not guarantee our immediate readiness at check-in.
3. If the tenant is not able to comply with the arrival time agreed with the host, the tenant is obliged to inform the fewo-Kreuzberg about the deviation before 8 pm.
4. An arrival on Sundays and public holidays is charged with a surcharge of 20.- Euro.
5. If points 3. and 4. together, the remuneration is 40, - Euro.

The tenant will receive a special offer from Fewo-Kreuzberg, which will only be binding as soon as Fewo-Kreuzberg has sent the tenant a confirmation. Then the booking is fixed and the guest is permanently entered in the occupancy calendar. Reservations are not made. 2. The prices stated in the booking confirmation are final prices and include all incidental expenses unless otherwise stated. A set of bed linen, towels and kitchen towels are provided per person.
2 rolls of toilet paper, coffee pads, some water, candies are also included in the start set, but are not refilled.
3. The rented property may only be inhabited by the number stated in the confirmation. Children are regarded as persons. Separate agreements may be possible. There must be no events, seminars or parties in the apartments.

Wireless LAN
Fewo Kreuzberg offers WLAN (not in apartment duplex), are not allowed:
1. Illegal download of image files, music and films or their publication on the Internet
2. Participation in exchange exchanges, the so-called file sharing,
3. Visit of websites whose contents are prosecuted (e.g., child pornography),
4. Dissemination of content which is illegal (eg insults, incitement to the people)
We do not guarantee the signal strength / speed / quality of the WAN. Also, we can not guarantee any failures or the permanence of the Wan.

1. The tenant pays a deposit to "Fewo-Kreuzberg" within 14 days (if not otherwise agreed) after the confirmation of booking The remaining amount is paid in cash on the spot on arrival / handover if the fee is not credited to the account 2. If a guest leaves his / her stay prematurely, he / she remains obliged to pay the booked stay.

Cancellation of Booking
1. The guest can withdraw from the contract at any time before the start of the journey by means of a declaration of rescission to Fewo- Kreuzberg. The withdrawal from the contract / cancellation is to be explained in writing.
2. The cancellation of a made booking or reservation is possible as follows:

Until the 45th day before travel 10%
Until the 30th day before travel 20%
Until the 22nd day prior to arrival 50%
Up to the 11th day before arrival 80%

If the accommodation is canceled from the 10th day before arrival, the full price is to be paid.

3. The host is held in good faith, other rooms / holiday apartments, if possible, in other places, in order to avoid failures. If a different allocation of the room is not possible, the guest has to pay for the failure.
4. The landlord is entitled to cancel this contract, if legal regulations, official conditions or prohibitions prohibit a further use of the rented apartment as a vacation apartment. The landlord undertakes in this case to notify the tenant immediately after his knowledge. A claim of the hirer for damages in this case, or for the procurement of a substitute apartment, is excluded.

Cancellation from Fewo-Kreuzberg
1.Fewo-Kreuzberg reserves the right to terminate the rental before expiry of the term of the contract, stating an important reason. If an abuse of a holiday apartment by the tenant is present, the landlord is entitled to dissolve the contract with immediate effect.

Obligations over care
1. The tenants shall treat the rented premises and the furnishings with care. Damages caused by damage must be replaced by tenants. The tenants are obliged to check the facilities for the completeness and usability of the premises as well as to make complaints against the landlord without delay. Damages occurring during the rental period must also be reported immediately to the tenants.
2. The lessors shall endeavor to provide any repair work, Defective dishwasher or washing machine as quickly as possible. A claim for damages due to failure can not be demanded by the tenant.
Fewo-Kreuzberg passes the contract to specialist companies, so the tenants have to grant access to the rented object if necessary.
3. In any case, the tenants will be charged for the costs if a key emergency service is required to get into the apartment. This is the case when the key is left on the inside. Further repair work, e.g. Painting work on the front door, the exchange of the lock, etc. must be paid by the tenant as well.

House rules and use of the rented property
1. Tenants are obliged to comply with the house rules. The house rules are located in the rented premises. In the event of an infringement and / or e.g. Complaints concerning disturbances of noise caused by neighbors in the rental property may the owner reserve the right to terminate the provision of the rented property without repayment of already paid amounts.
2. If the key is lost, the tenant is required to pay for the costs (new key and / or exchange of the lock).

The court of jurisdiction is Berlin- Germany

Updated July 2017